Why Should You Register ?

We are a well-established organization with a portfolio of experienced doctors, lawyers and translators who provide safe health and legal consultancy throughout Turkey through our call center.

1) You will receive fast and solution-oriented answers to all your questions about health and law. You will not waste time until you find the right person or facility because you are in the right place.

2) From the moment you enter the health facility to which you will be directed to, all procedures will be confirmed by our relevant specialist physicians, and information will be provided to you at every stage.

3) All of our translators are people who know Turkish very well and can communicate with you in your mother tongue. E.g ; (English, Russian, German, Arabic, Polish, Persian). You will be able to receive your consultancy service from native speakers.

4) Between 08.30 – 24:00 on weekdays in 6 languages. On weekends, you can contact us in 3 languages, at least one in English, until 24:00.


5) Wherever you live, wherever you travel, we provide the privilege of benefiting from all health facilities in Turkey and free legal support.

6) Even if they do not live here, we can provide support to your relatives living in your country. After they register to the system, they can benefit from the health services they want to receive in Turkey, as well as the legal processes that they may need in Turkey.