Our legal consultancy services can be provided hourly, daily, monthly depending on your requests, or depending on the time period for the completion of a particular job.

To receive legal consultancy service, you need to provide us with the following documents to provide the consultancy service correctly and efficiently: existing contract, payment receipt, receipt, and any other documents related to the topic that you want to receive consulting on.

You can send your request for consultancy service to us by contacting our call center via the telephone or by sending an email on our e-mail address available our website.

We have no consulting fees. This service is a free service provided by our company. The fees requested in the relevant health unit or institution are determined by the agreement between the patient and the health institution.

The consulting service provided by our call center is free of charge. Our expert lawyers examine the necessary information and documents regarding the legal consultancy service you need. They provide written and oral consultancy services. Their aim is to minimize or prevent possible legal risks that may arise, known as preventive legal service. They provide correct, practical, scientific, economic and rational solutions to compensate for the losses incurred.

Consultancy fee is not charged for the evaluation of your first request. Apart from this, your requests related to other disputes will be subject to a fee. The scope and fee of the consultancy service will be communicated to you by the law firm that will provide the service after the initial evaluation.

This is the perfect question for us to explain what we do. Briefly, we provide accurate and fast solutions to health problems that you encounter. We provide you with free guidance for all your health-related problems and bring them together with our solution partners.

You can get free consultation from us at every stage of your health question. If we have directed you to a hospital, our follow-up and support services will continue during this period until your treatment is finished. If you reached us after getting your treatment, you will also be able to benefit from free consultancy services.

With the registration form that you can easily fill out on our website, you can start benefiting from free consultation right away. Apart from this, no documents and paperwork are requested.

Since benefiting from counselling starts with the registration form, it will not be active unless you use it. You do not need any application for cancellation.

Counselling is available for all age groups.

This service starts with filling out a form between expatalanya and a real person. It is never transferable.

All kinds of health counselling are included as well as chronic diseases.

You can benefit from all our services from the moment you fill out the registration form on our website.

Although our company’s headquarters and call center are located in Alanya, we have solution partnership agreements with all private and public hospitals, especially chain hospitals, in every province throughout Turkey. Therefore, we provide the same service in Istanbul as well.

Based on your previous appointment with us based on your travel information, you will be met at the airport and your transfer to the relevant health institution is organized by us, free of charge, through an authorized travel agency.

If you create a registration and share your Insurance Policy with us, you will be contacted as soon as possible about the policy coverage.

When you register, you can benefit from all our consultancy services.

Our consultancy service is offered only to find an accurate and fast solution to your problem in order to guide you with our expert team in the field of health.