Our Consultants

We can find the right solutions to all health problems with our medical doctors who are experts in every branch of their fields. And with our experienced lawyers, each of whom speaks a foreign language, the problems encountered in legal matters are resolved professionally.

Op. Dr. Mehmet ÇELİK Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon

Op.Dr. Kerim Sadullahoğlu Ear Nose Throat Specialist

Dr. Işılay IŞIK Radiologist

Dt. Mehmet AVCU Oral and Dental Health Specialist

Dt. Murat DİKMEN Oral and Dental Health Specialist

Dr. Mehmet ÇAM Traditional and Complimentary Medicine Specialist

Op. Dr. İlker ZAN Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist

Uzm. Dr. Nurhal MERCAN BOZKURT Dermatology and Cosmetology specialist

Op. Dr. Hasan KIRTEKE Eye Diseases Specialist

Op. Dr. Engin SAVAŞ Ear Nose Throat Specialist

Op. Dr. Mustafa AYDİNÇ Paediatric Surgeon Specialist

İlke KALAYCI Dietitian- Nutritionist

Nuri USTA Physiotherapist

Tuncay SARMAZ Orthodontist

Av. Ferit Yücel Ergün Lawyer

Av. İsmail Gökalp Lawyer

Av. Mehmet Saip Ergün Lawyer

Av. Engin Çağlar Ergün Lawyer